Julio Cebrián Villagómez was born in La Rúa de Valdeorras-Petín (Galicia) in 1929. He started as a humorous cartoonist in the magazine directed by Antonio Mingote Don José (weekly supplement of the newspaper España) and collaborated later in La Codorniz.
His is the one considered to be the first caricature of a Franquist minister in office published in a Spanish publication. The protagonist of this caricature was Manuel Fraga, at that time responsible for the Ministry of Information and Tourism, who was portrayed by pen on the cover of the weekly La Codorniz on December 5, 1965 on the occasion of the approval of the Press Law. In this drawing, Fraga was carrying the legal text as if it were a newborn.
On October 27, 1968 Cebrián went even further and, on another cover of the same publication, depicted a whole Council of Ministers although, of course, without the dictator Francisco Franco.
In the book Los humoristas de José Manuel Vilabella (Amaika Editions, Barcelona, 1975), Cebrián answered the question “what is humour drawing?” by saying “a part of drawing - purity of Art!, that said - with which is intended to highlight festive, moralising, catastrophic, jocular and cynical situations for detail, reflection or recreation of citizens ”. And, in relation to "what role does the cartoonist play in today's Spain, in the artistic, political and social landscape?" replied "in the artistic, a discreet role. The "connoisseurs" often consider humorous drawing as an aesthetic subspecies, something like an infamous brand that prevents "jokers" from climbing other higher categories. Politically it may have some influence on the awareness of the masses that read, but since the circulation of publications in this country is scarce and the fondness for reading is minimal, efficiency in this regard is markedly reduced. Socially nothing; like comedians, more or less. ”

Julio Cebrián also intervened in some advertising campaigns of the 1970s and collaborated in anthologies of Spanish humour. In 1968 he won the prestigious Paleta Agromán prize for graphic humour.