M.I. Consulting

Magpie International works closely with Load in the UK and have teamed up in 2012 for several projects ever since - from early stages of planning to completion, including setting up a supply chain in Sri Lanka for M&S.
Currently based in Marbella, MI’s projects include a residential development of 140 upmarket apartments in the New Golden Mile in Estepona,  a senior living resort for a Belgium group in East Marbella and a boutique hotel renovation in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Smaller projects include a lapidary in Beruwala and a three storey multipurpose building and ayurvedic garden for LYVF in Madiha.

Art Collection

Art & Culture are integrant parts of our existences. We either produce it, participate in it or simply remain a silent observer, but either way we are in it and it is in us and around us. From language to fashion, music, paintings, cinema, design… it is us and we are it.
Everyone can be - and perhaps should be - an art collector. Get to know what is trending, both locally and globally but keep in mind that Art is, generally speaking, a long term investment.
Meet the artists when possible and make sure you always buy what YOU LIKE but if you want professional advice, MI collaborates with art colleagues in the UK, in Germany and in Belgium.


Undeniably the most beautiful investment: Earth’s shiny precious works of art - the “4 Big” gemstones.
Sri Lanka is most famous for its gems deposits formed millions of years ago and is a top quality source of all kinds of gemstones.
The most valuable are corundum’s primary gem varieties: rubies and sapphires and not only they retain their value through time, the investment can be short, medium or long term. There is a constant demand for the best specimens.
Make sure you invest in natural unheated/untreated coloured stones, as clear as possible.