The Dutch painter Evert van Bommel follows the way of painting that had started after World War ll when in 1948 a group of artists founded the “Cobra Group” in Europe. The group developed a more expressionistic and vivid way of art.
In the Netherlands names as Corneille, Lucebert and Karel Appel became enthusiastic members of this group and especially Karel Appel is known as a world famous painter.
Around the same period in the 50-ties Willem de Kooning became known as fabulous abstract painter in the US. Another familiar name is Piet Mondrian who worked in New York is also an unforgettable contemporary painter. He was an important contributer to the “De Stijl” art movement and group. He is mentioned here because Piet Mondrian and Evert van Bommel share the same ancestors. Another family relation worth mentioning is the disclosure in an article in “Tableau Art Magazine” that Piet Mondrian was a nephew of Vincent van Gogh.
Evert van Bommel was born in The Hague /Holland in 1931. Encouraged by his family he started to make his first oil on canvas paintings in his teens. He studied the “Royal Academy of Fine Arts” in his hometown, performed as a jazz musician in the early 50',s and began his career as a draftsman/designer in the graphics industry. Subsequently he was publicity manager, art director and international freelance graphic designer. In the late nineties he settled as a painter and worked mainly on the Spanish Costa del Sol where he found his inspiration in the rural landscape and flora.
Evert van Bommel can be defined as an figurative espressionist following the artistic steps of his Dutch predecessors. His work is characterized by the use of bright colors. Sometimes the figurative forms are abandoned and the result is a colorful abstract work. He is best know for his landscape and flower paintings in oil or acrylic paint, of wich the subjects mainly come from the south Spanish landscapes, the region where lives and works.
In his latest works he combines figurative and abstract themes in oil and acrylic. Sometimes in action painting or the other day working in a more traditional expressive style, always struggle with his painting materials.
He started to exhibit his works in the early 80's in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and in the USA. Today his work is exhibited in Marbella/Spain.