Didier Alerini is a French painter from Corsica based in Paris. Very close to the Mediterranean culture, Didier loves sun and bright colours. Self-taught artist, from an early age he has been learning various artistic universes such as graffiti, wood painting and different technics with oil-paints and acrylics.
Didier's principal source of inspiration comes undoubtedly from his travels around the world and from the people of different cultures and backgrounds he meets and engages with. Europe, Latin America, Australia, China, Indonesia, Morocco, just to name a few. Having the opportunity, Didier chooses to live (temporarily) in a new country and allows the surroundings and local people to influence and inspire his Art.
The richness of his abstract Art allows Didier to participate in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective. Since 1992 the Artist has exhibited in different countries, Art galleries and international Art fairs.
This Spring - May 2016 - Didier was invited to exhibit in Marbella. Following his tradition of getting inspiration from the local culture, Didier has traveled in a few weeks earlier and has been living in the Costa del Sol while painting new abstract and colourful Art, inspired in our beloved Andalusia and this warm and wonderful culture.

Text kindly provided by the artist. ©MagpieInternationalPhotography.