Anula Mixtura (Ana Torralba Loyo) was born in Santander in 1987. She later moved to Madrid where she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts.
Her interest for photography and video began to take shape already in the University of Vigo, period in which she worked with image, creating metaphors of everyday’s life.
In her last year of University, Ana attended the Anotati Scholi Kalon Tehnon in Athens where she created illustrations and collages related to the theme of home life and the everyday.
Nowadays the artist works around this same topic, focusing in the representation of formal and symbolical relationships between the subject, the object and the context.

“When I was a little girl I created a habit when waiting: browsing all sorts of magazines. Since there is a lot of waiting in life, I kept developing this habit until one day that compendium of randomly picked images in my mind finally allowed me to create a signature style, adopting a visual position closer to lowbrow or to pop surrealism. Illustrations, tattoos, comic books and concepts such as retro, publicity and kitsch are always part of my work. Surrounding the idea of home life and the everyday, I mix images as if it was a puzzle to create my own scenery of soft and evoking fantasy.”

Translation from original text. Original text and images kindly provided by the artist.